• Biodiversity conservation & management
  • PES and motivational crowding in Colombia

    In a new article, led by UAB-ICTA’s PhD candidate Lina Moros, we adopt an innovative research design to test for motivational crowding effects through a forest conservation game in Colombia’s Amazon Piedmont, using individual, collective and crop-price premium economic incentives. We implement a post-experiment survey on different types of motivations based on Self-Determination Theory (SDT) […]

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Climate change policies and agrarian-environmental transformations

    Routledge Development Studies launched two special issues together from the Journal of Peasant Studies and Canadian Journal of Development Studies. Both collections are on the broad themes of climate change mitigation/adaptation and agrarian-environmental transformations. Both collections are open access for a limited period of time. I had the honour of guest editing the collection published in CJDS, with colleagues Carol Hunsberger (University […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Payments for Environmental Services: a theory-informed review

    Building on a theory-based approach to synthesize research on the effectiveness of PES in achieving environmental objectives and socio-economic co-benefits, this article led by Jan Börner and published in World Development highlights the role of (1) contextual dimensions (e.g., political, institutional, and socio-economic conditions, spatial heterogeneity in environmental service values and provision costs, and interactions with pre-existing […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Redeeming REDD+? A critical review of Michael Brown’s book

    Since 2005, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has worked to establish a cooperation agenda where the Convention’s Annex I parties can incentivize the reduction of land-use related emissions in sub-tropical and tropical countries. Many viewed the original vision to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD), and the role of […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Six thoughts on ‘the carbon fix’

    The following paragraphs present my reflections after reading four chapters of the book ‘The Carbon Fix’ (2016), edited by Stephanie Paladino and Shirley Fiske, and which I had the honor to preface. I acted as a discussant of these contributions in the recently held Annual Meeting of the American Association of Anthropologists, Minneapolis, 19th November 2016. — […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Our life as Rarámuri’s in the forests

    The photo voice exhibition “Our life as Rarámuri’s in the forests”, i.e. Nuestra Vida Rarámuri en el Bosque (in Spanish), has now been opened to the general public at the National Museum of Cultures, in central Mexico City. The exhibition is an effort led by members of the Rarámuri community of Kwechi, located in the Western Sierra […]

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  • Evidence on the Effectiveness of Tropical Forest Conservation

    The PLOS ONE Collection “Measuring forest conservation effectiveness” brings together a series of studies that evaluate the effectiveness of tropical forest conservation policies and programs with the goal of measuring conservation success and associated co-benefits. http://collections.plos.org/forest-conservation-effectiveness In the overview piece, we describes the geographic and methodological scope of the studies, as well as the policy instruments […]