• Climate change adaptation
  • Climate change policies and agrarian-environmental transformations

    Routledge Development Studies launched two special issues together from the Journal of Peasant Studies and Canadian Journal of Development Studies. Both collections are on the broad themes of climate change mitigation/adaptation and agrarian-environmental transformations. Both collections are open access for a limited period of time. I had the honour of guest editing the collection published in CJDS, with colleagues Carol Hunsberger (University […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Payments for Environmental Services: a theory-informed review

    Building on a theory-based approach to synthesize research on the effectiveness of PES in achieving environmental objectives and socio-economic co-benefits, this article led by Jan Börner and published in World Development highlights the role of (1) contextual dimensions (e.g., political, institutional, and socio-economic conditions, spatial heterogeneity in environmental service values and provision costs, and interactions with pre-existing […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Land-based climate change mitigation, land grabbing and conflict

    This is the first Working Paper of the MOSAIC project, a 4-year international research project aimed at studying the interesection between land-based climate change mitigation, land grabbing and conflict, in Asian countries in political transition, i.e. Cambodia and Myanmar. The project involves grassroots civil society organizations, NGOs and academic partners from these two countries, the […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Valuing nature, paying for ecosystem services and realizing social justice

    In the latest volume of the journal Ecological Economics, I contribute to ongoing debates about the role of economic valuation in market-based conservation. I respond to an earlier piece by Brett Sylvester Matulis, nuance some of his arguments and set what I believe should be the new agenda for critical scholarship of market-based conservation. I […]

  • Climate change mitigation
  • The atmosphere business

    Un nou llibre “El negoci de l’atmosfera” ha estat editat per l’Steffen Böhm, l’Anna-Maria Murtola i l’Sverre Spoelstra i publicat a finals de 2012. S’hi poden trobar articles sobre els últims avenços en les negociacions climàtiques i perspectives crítiques sobre diferents instruments per a la mitigació del canvi climàtic, incloent els mercats de drets d’emissions […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Problematizing REDD+…

    In a new paper entitled “Problematizing REDD+ as an experiment in payments for ecosystem services” and published in the leading journal Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, I shed light on a few problems and contradictions of the current global policy framework for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, and sustainably managing forest (REDD+). I argue […]

  • Ecological economics
  • Cap a una economia real

    El meu germà Carles m’ha fet arribar un article de reflexió d’en Kernan Heinz sobre l’economia finançera. L’he trobat interessant i molt divulgatiu. Explica de forma molt simple què fan els bancs amb els nostres diners i com es beneficien mitjançant la concessió de crèdits, i raona sobre perquè cal regular l’economia finançera i refocalitzar-nos […]