• Biodiversity conservation & management
  • Lessons for Research Policy and Practice: The Case of Co-enquiry Research with Rural Communities

    Have you ever worked in multi-partner projects aimed at working for rather than with communities? Have you experienced the challenges of doing so? How have you overcome such challenges and transform them into opportunities? In this article, we explore the relationship between institutional funding for research and community-based or co-enquiry research practice. We describe the implementation of […]

  • Biodiversity conservation & management
  • How do biosphere reserves influence local vulnerability and adaptation?

    In a new paper led by my colleague Isabel Ruiz-Mallén and published online in the journal Global Environmental Change, we interrogate how biosphere reserves can influence local vulnerability and adaptation. Based on a comparative study of four rural communities in Mexico and Bolivia we explore if resource management regulations can increase vulnerability and compromise individual […]

  • Climate change adaptation
  • COP17-Durban

    Fa una setmana, al Tots Som Clima de la COM Ràdio, en Ramon Company i jo conversàvem amb en Salvador Samitier sobre les expectatives de la cimera del clima a Durban (descarregar podcast aquí). Tots tres érem força escèptics, per no dir pessimistes. Vam acabar la conversa amb un tema del Bruce Springsteen, “Land of […]